About Us

Free to Feed is a not-for-profit social enterprise that recognizes the entrepreneurial characteristics and existing skills of refugees and new migrants, as well as the significant challenges that they face in gaining meaningful employment and/or starting enterprises in Australia. Free to Feed engages refugees and new migrants in a range of innovative food- based enterprises.

In 2016, Free to Feed built a multipurpose food enterprise hub on High Street in Thornbury. To date, Free to Feed has equipped refugees and new migrants with skills, training, mentoring, career guidance, connections and hands-on paid work experience in the competitive Australian food industry. 

We help them develop the skills, confidence, and knowledge to take into future ventures.

The Free to Feed cooking school is fast becoming a prized Melbourne Institution and was recently awarded the “Best Cooking School in Melbourne” by Timeout. At each Free to Feed cooking experience or class you'll learn how to cook authentic, traditional dishes from your chef’s home country. You also get to hear their incredible stories as they relate their journeys and rich cultures to you. 

Free to Feed offers pop-up cooking experiences and classes around Melbourne either in your home or as part of a class.

Before fleeing their homes, Free to Feed chefs played important roles as cooks, chefs, restaurant owners, feeding their families and communities.

For most of our instructors, Free to Feed is their first job in Australia!

Our Team

Loretta Bolotin

Co-founder / Creative Director

Daniel Bolotin

Co-founder / CIO

Lara Widdop

Events Operations Manager

Bianca Cuffia

Customer Experience Coordinator 

Our Values

Free to Feed is founded on and operates by what it believes in:

Hope, optimism and positivity
Security and freedom
Sharing and exchange
Synergy and cooperation
Empowerment and action
Curiosity, learning, knowledge
Abundance, diversity, choice
Giving and generosity
Social harmony (not cohesion)
‘Active citizenship’
Open-mindedness and inclusivity
Preservation of culture