Cooking up that team spirit

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Free to Feed events are a fun, delicious way of building team spirit and celebrating diversity while enjoying great quality food.

Select from the following popular offerings or create your own:

In a workshop, your team must collaborate to prepare authentic, traditional dishes from Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka, or Pakistan.

Our chefs have incredible cooking skills and life experience and will be sure to inspire. These workshops culminate in a delicious feast that each team member can be proud to have contributed to!

Your Workshop can be hosted at:
the Free to Feed HQ in Thornbury OR
your office kitchen OR
one of Free to Feed’s partner cafes

Workshops are suitable for 5 – 35 people.

The Grazing Table Feast is an authentic grazing table buffet prepared and presented by your chef.

A typical feast comprises of a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean home-baked pastries and mezzo including delicious foods, like:
Dips, baba ghanouj; roasted beetroot; muhamarra; fresh herbs and walnut etc. all served will grilled zaatar flatbread.
kuku brioche burgers,
fatayer (Syrian cheese pasties),
lamb pides (Arabic lamb pastries)
persian dates,
pomegranate infused olives AND MORE!

This is a popular choice for large events where the chef will present the different foods, and circulate so you can find out more about their cultural heritage, their personal experiences, and the incredible variety of dishes.

The Grazing Table Feast gives you the flexibility to move around, and freedom to be social. It looks GREAT, provokes conversation, and has options for all dietary requirements/preferences.

Your Grazing Table Feast can be hosted at:
the Free to Feed’s HQ in Thornbury OR
your office meeting space.

Grazing Table Feasts are suitable for 30 – 100 people.


Have an Unforgettable Meal with your team and enjoy dishes celebrating the cuisines of our amazing chefs.

Feel nourished and inspired by both the outstanding food and the incredible stories of our chefs who will give a presentation on the day/night.

Your Unforgettable Meal can be hosted at:
the Free to Feed’s HQ in Thornbury OR
your office meeting space.

Unforgettable Meals are suitable for any number of people.


Have an Unforgettable Meal with our Persian chef, Hamed, from Iran, on a traditional Persian open flame BBQ.

You can see our BBQ in action in this video!

Your Unforgettable Persian BBQ can be hosted at:
your office’s outdoor space (with proper ventilation) OR
A Free to Feed partner cafe.